Political Hoaxes Growing in Advance of Election

communique and Informatics Minister Rudiantara stated there is an increase in numbers of hoax or false news circulating on social media.

“In January, we discover one hundred seventy five hoaxes, and it increases to 353 news in February by myself,” stated Rudiantara in Balai Kartini, South Jakarta, on Thursday, March 28.

The minister stated as many as 23 percents of 353 hoaxes was related to political issues which he deemed due to this political year nearing the overall elections. Others issues include governance and health.

“Many political hoaxes added up possibly because we’re heading to democracy occasion. Democracy need to be fun in reality, and additionally elections,” Rudiantara said, including that training or workshop on facts literacy is needed to get rid of hoax information.

The ministry, Rudiantara endured, collaborated with country wide Police in mapping and shutting down bills spreading hoax facts on social media. The ministry additionally deployed cyber patrol of AIS crew to affirm and make clear bills allegedly violating the digital information and Transactions (ITE) law.

Rudiantara similarly expressed his gratitude to media employees helping in tackling hoax news. “I thank all media for constantly presenting a unique time to talk about a way to use social media and messaging app in a proper way,” he concluded.

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